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We are here for our clients. We typically respond to all requests within one hour. We know your business is important and we treat it as if it’s our business too.

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We value doing things right.

Our core values are about doing things right. Right for our clients, our team, our community and the environment. When things go wrong, we own up to our mistakes quickly and make things right.

GISI Marketing Group - Down Arrow

We put a pro on your team.

Every client is assigned a dedicated account manager to make your job easier. They work through schedules, estimates and coordination from our creative, print and sign teams.

GISI Marketing Group - Down Arrow

GISI Marketing Group is a different kind of marketing company. We are designers, printers, sign makers and installers, web developers, bindery technicians, direct mail experts, fulfillment specialists, and most importantly – dedicated client advocates.

Our branding, graphic design and web development expertise are at the forefront of our client offerings. Yet, the integration of our printing and finishing, signs and displays, direct mailing services, custom packaging, fulfillment services, and overall consultative approach to our clients’ needs allow us to simplify the marketing process for you.

We believe by focusing on your success we will continue to realize success for ourselves and our associates.

Where We’ve Been


Graphic Information Systems, Inc. was founded with passion for printing and a mission to help clients communicate their message through print. As a franchise of Goodway Copy Center, (later changed to PrintRight), our single office in downtown Portland, Oregon became a trusted printing resource for the local business community.


PrintRight became LAZERQUICK to better reflect the emergence of new technology. Throughout the 1990s, LAZERQUICK grew to become one of the largest independent quick printers in the United States and the largest in the Pacific Northwest.


GISI Marketing Group was adopted and we continued to seek and develop new and innovative services to keep pace with our clients’ ever-changing needs.

Who We Are Today

The modern GISI is a problem-solving partner for clients large and small. We continue to evolve our printing roots while our creative and sign teams continue to push the limits to provide creative and functional solutions for our clients.

The Values We Live By

At GISI, we believe our Values are the foundation for our success. Our Values describe who we are, what we stand for, and how we do our work. They call out the best in each of us.


  • We believe that leadership is about people and relationships.
  • We know that relationships grow out of trust, honor, respect and a deep sense of care.
  • We are a people-growing company that respects the value of every associate’s contribution.
  • We are focused on each other’s success.
  • We resolve conflicts promptly and fairly.
  • GISI understands that the synergy of all associates creates a leadership organization.


  • We understand that leadership begins with serving.
  • We relentlessly work to understand our clients’ creative and practical needs.
  • We always act with truth-telling and keep our commitments.
  • We are committed to helping each other not fail.
  • We know that working together as a team is imperative for meeting the challenge of providing excellent service.
  • GISI’s name will be recognized as the standard bearer based on the people, products and services it delivers to all stakeholders.


  • We know that, first and foremost, our responsibility is to provide excellent service.
  • We work hard, train hard, and finish what we start.
  • We are frugal, treating all resources as we would treat our personal resources.
  • We respect our values, policies and good business practices.
  • We hold ourselves and fellow associates accountable for our actions and behavior.
  • GISI takes stewardship seriously – of all associates; clients; vendors; suppliers, and the communities where we work and live.


  • We tell the truth and build open relationships.
  • We do not cheat on numbers or stretch results.
  • We tell the good, the bad and the ugly; we harbor no secrets.
  • We own up to our mistakes and say “we’re sorry,” practicing forgiveness with others and ourselves.
  • GISI believes teamwork flows from an atmosphere of trust, where open communication is always encouraged.


  • We are patient and kind.
  • We are not jealous, conceited or prideful.
  • We are not ill-mannered, selfish or irritable.
  • We care about each other personally and professionally.
  • We care enough to do the “hard right” at all times.
  • We commit to being a responsible, caring community.
  • GISI always pays attention to the success of clients, vendors, and associates.


  • We celebrate the success of each associate, our larger community, and ourselves.
  • We are rigorous in our efforts to create a continuous culture of celebration.
  • We use celebrations to recognize people, build relationships, and create positive memories.
  • We say “thank you,” “bravo,” and “good job” in daily celebrations with all stakeholders.
  • GISI promotes making the ordinary fun and rewarding.

Making Decisions

  • Is it good for the client?
  • Is it good for the Company?
  • Is it legal, ethical and moral?
  • Is it in accordance with our Values?
  • Will I stand by my decision?

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    GISI Marketing - Portland Location

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    Portland, Oregon 97224
    (503) 598-0636

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